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Terrascapes is a fine gardening firm offering expert horticultural services with a focus on organic gardening. We are partners with our customers, our staff, our community and our environment. Our goal is to use horticulturally correct practices that are good for plants, local water systems, soil, and ultimately the planet. We service areas in the MetroWest region of Boston, MA.

We offer team members a number of benefits including holiday pay, paid time off, educational stipends and team-building getaways. We have recently moved into our new, beautiful office in Sherborn.

Current Openings

Job Opening: Full -Time Landscape Designer/Project Manager

The Designer/Project Manager position requires a unique combination of skills and experience in the fields of landscape design, horticulture, and landscape installation practices. The Design/Project Manager will be responsible for taking design projects, including landscape design, annuals & container design and occasional graphic design projects, from conception to completion. Landscape design will entail all aspects of site analysis, base plan drafting, concept & design development, planting plans, and plant list and acquisition management. Lighting, irrigation, and construction details are also within the scope of the landscape designer position. Container and Annuals design management duties will include plant acquisition, delivery acceptance, site layout, samples and materials management along with client communications. Container and Annuals design will be supported by the gardening staff and coordinated with the office staff. All designs are to be sustainable and commensurate with the mission of Terrascapes. The Designer/Project Manager works under the general supervision of the company President.

Responsibilities in Landscape Design:

  • Site analysis using surveys, photography, shade and microclimate analysis, precedent studies and all other methods of collecting information to inform the design process.
  • Design development under the direction of the Design Director
  • Preparation of construction details when necessary from conception to completion.
  • Attendance of all administrative and design meetings.
  • Preparation and presentation of designs to clients.
  • Communication with clients, as needed.
  • Maintains updated client files and records.
  • Ensures drawing reprographic is available for client presentations.
  • Meets project deadlines as set by the Design Team and Design Director.
  • Acquires materials samples and client approvals, prior to ordering and installation.

Responsibilities in Project Management:

  • Initiates plant orders, manage plant lists and arrange plant deliveries.
  • Nursery visits for plant tagging, accepts plant deliveries and assures proper inventory of client and company inventoried plants.
  • Ensure plants are healthy and viable for planting when received from plant vendor.
  • Ensures on time delivery of all materials to the project site by start date.
  • Site layout for all hardscape areas and planting beds.
  • Plant layout for planting installation.
  • Assist tree and shrub crews with marking or tagging plants for transplanting or removals.
  • Performs field observation of construction to ensure the highest quality of construction and planting.
  • Serves as liaison between client, vendors and contractors in maintaining highest quality of installation.
  • Troubleshoots project challenges under the direction of the Design Director and/or the President and to project completion maintaining the design’s integrity.
  • Generates a comprehensive punch list and follows through each task to completion.
  • Prepares and distributes Installation Leave–Behinds and landscape care instructions to clients.
  • Maintains excellent client relations and customer service.
  • Updates the Project installation schedule as needed under the supervision of the Design Director or the President.
  • Supervises and records plant returns with follow through until a refund, vendor credit or equitable exchange has been completed.
  • Assist in project budget management. (Any inconsistencies or changes in budget require approval from client or Design Director.)

Responsibilities in Annual & Container Design: 

  • Produces creative annual and container designs while under the direction of the Design Director.
  • Selects and acquires plant material from various approved vendors and readies arrangements for planting by gardening staff.
  • Coordinates with staff in plant delivery and planting of containers and annuals, if necessary.
  • Maintains client relations/communications regarding container and annual design and installation.
  • Contributes to client appeals with emails and graphic materials to increase sales under the direction of Marketing.

Administrative Responsibilities: All projects:

  • Maintaining and updating the project management system, Insightly with updated client and project information and due dates.
  • Generating Terrascapes Leave Behinds after all client services.
  • Tracking materials for all projects with the help of administrative assistance from Terrascapes staff.
  • Organizing vendor receipts for billing purposes.
  • Maintaining spreadsheet lists for plant replacement, annuals, bulbs and client plant inventory.
  • Various office duties unrelated with the Designer/Project Manager position may be necessary during slow periods or on an as-needed basis. These duties may include: answering the phone, responding to lead emails, filing, graphic layout for forms or marketing materials, or general office chores.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from an accredited program.
  • 2 to 3 years’ experience in Landscape Design or Architecture
  • Proficiency in preferred electronic drafting software: Autocad, Vectorworks, LandCAD, Dynascapes
  • Proficiency in graphics design software: InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator or other
  • Works well independently and constructively within a team environment.
  • Demonstrates sound decision-making skills, organizational skills, above average work speed.
  • Has the ability to manage multiple projects and multiple staff simultaneously.
  • Writes well and speaks with authority in client settings
  • Has critical thinking and well-developed social and technical skills.

Hours: 40 hours per week. Overtime is not allowed without prior approval. Please refer to the employee manual for further discussion on hours, reimbursement policy, employee benefits, holiday and personal time.

Job Opening: Full-Time Seasonal Horticulturist / Gardening Team Leader

We are looking for an experienced horticulturist to lead and work with a fine gardening team to provide organic gardening and grounds maintenance for our clients, whose gardens and landscapes come in all sizes.

You will use your in-depth horticultural experience to develop a garden care plan and maintain a garden journal for each property, identify and remedy plant problems, and plan your team’s work week. You will be our on-site representative in case the client has any questions or concerns. You may also be called on to provide gardening instruction and mentoring to selected clients.

The gardening team leader will also provide other team members with guidance on proper plant care, daily goals and tasks, and horticultural instruction, if necessary. During planting installations you will be asked to educate the planting crew in the best ways to plant under the project’s particular site conditions.

Your gardening tasks will include weeding, mulching, planting, deadheading, pruning, watering, fertilization, and pest control.

Primary tasks with regard to:


  • Oversee, identify and maintain diverse plantings of trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, grasses, and bulbs on client sites
  • Oversee, manage and monitor irrigation of plantings, especially during time of establishment and drought
  • Perform seasonal landscape work including pruning, clean-ups, bulb planting, dividing and transplanting, leaf removal, weeding and any other garden chore related to maintaining planting beds and landscapes commensurate with Terrascapes Mission, along with any seasonal gardeners on client sites.
  • Develop and document, report, and catalog plant and site-related information in client garden journal
  • Observe and determine the need for fertilizers, soil amendments, and mineral additives and apply as needed
  • Identify diseased plants and pest infestation and take proper corrective measures commensurate with the Mission of Terrascapes and as regulated under Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources’ Pesticide Board. Keep current and report license # to administration when available
  • May gather, grow, and maintain special plant materials
  • Inspects for and eliminates hazards in gardening areas
  • May perform special floral decorating duties for special client events.
  • Plant shopping and delivery to client site
  • Operate & minor repair power gardening equipment such as edgers, trimmers, blowers, sprayers, and cultivators
  • Make minor repairs and adjustments to sprinkler systems
  • Adjusts and performs minor maintenance on power gardening equipment, gardening tools, and all types of sprinkler systems
  • Learn the characteristics of new equipment in the field of gardening and grounds maintenance and update skills to adapt to changing technology
  • Follow “Terrascapes Best Practices” outlined in the Terrascapes Horticulture Handbook. The Handbook is always being updated and revised so coordinating with the Horticulturist/Garden Educator on staff is commensurate with Terrascapes’ efforts towards maintaining a collaborative team


  • Assist with training and support seasonal gardeners and interns
  • Supervision, managing, conflict resolution and personnel scheduling for any Full-Time or Part-Time gardeners on client sites.
  • Planning, scheduling, reporting employee hours as noted in the employee manual.
  • Determine most efficient work procedures and techniques for assigned staff to ensure timely completion of work projects
  • Make sure that safety standards and procedures are followed
  • Provide leadership and technical assistance to others


  • Assist in coordinating and scheduling gardening work in connection with client events
  • Participate in any training or enrichment programs offered by Terrascapes
  • Actively promote and contribute to Terrascapes’ sustainability initiatives in landscape residential management
  • Learn general and specialized software applications


  • Two or more years horticultural experience and an in-depth knowledge and experience in horticultural best practices and in the seasonal care and maintenance of woody and herbaceous plants of New England.
  • Completion of courses in horticulture, botany, plant propagation, or other plant related fields a plus.
  • Own vehicle and have a valid MA state drivers license
  • Computer literate
  • Able to lift 40lbs
  • Must be a team-player, willing to collaborate on any and all tasks required for maintaining the highest standards of landscape management and operations.

About Terrascapes

Terrascapes is a fine gardening firm offering expert horticultural services with a focus on organic gardening. We are partners with our customers, our staff, our community and our environment. Our goal is to use horticulturally correct practices that are good for plants, local water systems, soil, and ultimately the planet. We service areas in the MetroWest region of Boston, MA.

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